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Using Cassini to run .NET web applications on a PC
If you have Windows XP Home edition then you will not have IIS bundled with the operating system (it used to be included in Windows 2000 but now only comes with XP Pro). However you can download and install the free Cassini application which will act as a local web server running .NET applications.

You will need to download and install the .NET framework from Microsoft and install it.

Next download the Cassini server from here and install it.

Put the cassini files in the same directory as brightdayler:

  • Cassini.dll
  • CassiniWebServer.exe
  • msvcr71.dll
  • gacutil.exe
these last two are part of the .NET SDK which is a massive (108Mb) download from here so I have put just the required files on our site: gacutil and msvcr71

You then need to start Cassini using a batch file such as this:

gacutil /i cassini.dll
cassiniwebserver "c:\phdcc\brightdayler" 80 /

but with the correct path to the brightdayler directory.

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