Search engine checker
Data accumulated by Brightdayler
Resultsholds the information gathered at whatever frequency you have defined for each page. The total number of records in this table, for each user, has a limit and the oldest will be deleted once that limit is reached
rundatethis does not fall at exactly the frequency you define but at the first checking run after it fell due. The background thread checking the database runs every five minutes and there are occasional delays caused by servers re-starting and search engines running slowly.
positionthis is worked out from the page on which the url is found, the number of records per page and a count back of the number of occurrences of the recstart string defined in the Engine table. There can be variations if search engines add sponsored links at the top of some pages.
cachedelaywhere search engines hold cached web pages Brightdayler attempts to determine when the cache took place

Each page you define will have a summary graph shown on the opening page with figures from the latest check (position and days since the page was last cached with that search engine *). However if you are wanting to do more detailed analysis you can cut and paste the information from the Results table into a spreadsheet application.

* The graphs also show two moving average figures. These are calculated using the "exponential" method i.e. new moving average = 85% of the previous moving average figure + 15% of the latest result.

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