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The most important ingredient for a successful internet business is how near the top of the list you come in the search engine ranking

But how can you quantify this information and use it strategically?

  1. Sometimes your site appears in the top ten but sometime it seems to be relegated to the fifth page; is there a pattern and what proportion of the time is your site visible to passing trade?
  2. You have just spent a large sum of money promoting your products through various on line press agencies; what impact did it have? How long did it take before it had any effect? How quickly did it die away?
  3. You use Google as a search engine for your site but you are worried about the delay in re-indexing it. Just how often does new material get included in the search database?
  4. The answer to all of these question can be found by using Brightdayler. This ASP.NET program runs as a background web application checking search engines for the url and search word combination that you have defined. The results are stored in a database for analysis and displayed as graphs for easy monitoring

You can try it out FREE on this site. (userID = "visitor", password = "password").
Do a one-off check on a web site or enter your own pages to check.
N.B. Do not rely on this "free information" as other visitors might delete your pages!

If you want your own Brightdayler account you can get a user ID that will allow you to keep your results on our server. (We limit the quantity of information to the most recent 200 records, that could be four years for one page checked weekly or ten days for twenty pages checked daily)

Alternatively you can purchase the software for you to implement on your own ASP.NET server

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