Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year in 2002

2002 is International Year of Mountains.

Chris-tmas card 2001

Throw snowballs game

Click in the box on the right.  Use the arrow keys to set the angle and strength of throw.  Press space to throw the snowball.  If you get Game Over, press N.

(You need a Java-enabled browser for this page to work.)

When you complete a level, your score will be recorded at the PHD server, along with your computer's hostname/IPaddress. 

Chris Cant

Sorry, your browser is not set up to run Java applets.
How to get a Java VM.

Downloadable version zip: tmas01.zip.
Save the zip to your computer.  Unzip it to a new directory, eg C:\Chris.  Then run (or create a link to) C:\Chris\tmascard01.htm.  EnJoy.

Chris-tmas card 2000