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Using Dynamic-CD to power the
Dreamweaver MX® GlobalCar example

GlobalCar is a simple dynamic website supplied with Dreamweaver MX.

It is the bare bones of a car hire web site with customer service and location information being generated from a database.

This tutorial shows how to set up the GlobalCar example to work on a Dynamic-CD.

GlobalCar example site

  1. Install the Dynamic-CD evaluation kit.
  2. Install Dreamweaver MX V6.
  3. Make a clean directory called c:\GlobalCar.
  4. Make sub-directories called c:\GlobalCar\Source and c:\GlobalCar\Image.
  5. Copy the contents of the directory c:\Program Files\Macromedia\Dreamweaver MX\Samples\GettingStarted\Develop\asp to c:\GlobalCar\Source.
  6. Copy the file c:\Program Files\Macromedia\Dreamweaver MX\Samples\GettingStarted\FinalSite\index.htm to c:\GlobalCar\Source and then rename it to index.asp. Dreamweaver will do this for you, but to avoid difficulties, it is easier to do it now.
  7. Copy the database c:\Program Files\Macromedia\Dreamweaver MX\Samples\Database\global.mdb to c:\GlobalCar\Source.
  8. Run Dynamic-CD-Wizard, select c:\GlobalCar\Source as the source directory, index.asp as the startup file, and c:\GlobalCar\Image as the image directory.
  9. Switch off all password protection and do not encrypt ASP files.
  10. Make the CD image.
  11. Select "Test on hard disk" and confirm you see the home page of the GlobalCar site.
  12. Leave Dynamic-CD-Wizard running and start Dreamweaver MX.
  13. Make a new site : Site / New Site and use the Advanced tab.
  14. Select c:\GlobalCar\Source as the Local Root Folder.
  15. Under Testing Server choose ASP VBScript as Server Model and Local/Network access.
  16. Do not set up a Remote Server.
  17. Make sure Dynamic-CD is running and copy and paste the browser URL to the URL Prefix. Remove the "index.asp" from the end of the URL Prefix and press OK.
  18. Now check that changes you make in Dreamweaver are reflected in your Dynamic-CD site. In Dreamweaver, edit "index.asp" and make a small change - for example add some text ... "Safety tips from yours truly".
  19. ALSO, change the Locations link to point to the URL locationMaster.asp, which is the dynamic page we will be working with.
  20. Alt-Tab to Dynamic-CD-Wizard, Select "Rebuild CD image" and "Test on hard disk" - and check that your changes have appeared.
  21. If you stop Dynamic-CD and try to run "Test on hard disk", you may get an error message because Dynamic-CD will only start from an image created by Dynamic-CD-Wizard. Rebuild the site and try again.
  22. From the Dynamic-CD browser page, click on the Locations link - you will see the beginnings of a page that will show GlobalCar rental locations.
  23. We now need to set up the database connection.
  24. Alt-Tab to Dreamweaver, and edit the file locationMaster.asp.
  25. Open the Window/Databases panel.
  26. Press the + button and select "Custom Connection String".
  27. Give the Connection Name as "GlobalCar".
  28. Write the Connection String as Provider=Microsoft.Jet.OLEDB.4.0;Data Source=c:\GlobalCar\Source\global.mdb.
  29. Select "Using driver on this machine".
  30. Press the "test" button to test the database connection.
  31. Now follow the instructions for the GlobalCar example to add a database table to the locations page.
  32. Use the Dreamweaver help system to search for the phrase "GlobalCar".
  33. Select "Create a master-detail page set" and follow the instructions.
  34. Alt-Tab to Dynamic-CD-Wizard, rebuild and test the site.
  35. The site you have created will only run with the database located at c:\GlobalCar\Source\global.mdb . This will not work from a CD.
  36. To make the database location suitable to run from CD, edit the file c:\GlobalCar\Source\connections\GlobalCar.asp and replace the connection string with the following -

      Dim dbPath
      Dim MM_GlobalCar_STRING
      dbPath = Server.MapPath( "/global.mdb")
      MM_GlobalCar_STRING = _
        "Provider=Microsoft.Jet.OLEDB.4.0;Data Source=" + dbPath

  37. Burn the contents of c:\GlobalCar\Image to CD and test.

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