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Part number:SC_TV_006

Mobile phone base station

That's right, buy a few of these and hook them up to your telephone socket to create your very own mobile telephone network

Design Notes
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This page illustrates a very simple look up of information in a database.

The page displays more information about a part.  The part is specified in the URL as a "QueryString" parameter, eg moreinfo.asp?id=12.  A database query finds the record where the id matches the ID field in the Parts table, and displays the extra information for the part.

Note that the script copes with two errors reasonably gracefully.  First, if no id is given then "No id specified" is reported.  Second, if the part id is not found then "Sorry, part id not found: xxx" is returned.  Although these errors should not appear in practice, it is best to have this code so that any bugs are caught neatly.