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Using Dynamic-CD to power a
FrontPage® Northwind database viewer

This tutorial shows how to get a very simple FrontPage database-driven website running with Dynamic-CD as the server.

The website displays records from the Northwind database. Navigation buttons allow you to move through the database records.

Dynamic-CD does not support FrontPage Server Extensions and does not support Server-side JavaScript (although Browser-side JavaScript is no problem), and so these options may have to be switched off.

The FrontPage-generated file global.asa needs to be edited and renamed to global.asp.

FrontPage Database Sample

  1. Install the Dynamic-CD evaluation kit.
  2. Install FrontPage 2002
  3. Go to the Tools / Page Options / Compatibility tab
  4. Switch off "Enabled with Microsoft FrontPage Server Extensions"
  5. Switch off the JavaScript option
    (These compatibility changes are not necessary for this example, but may be necessary in other situations)
  6. Create an Empty Web - select New / Page or Web
  7. On the right hand panel, select Empty Web / One Page Web
  8. Open index.htm
  9. Insert a database results form : Insert / Database / Results
  10. Use a sample database connection (Northwind)
  11. Select the Record source as Categories and accept all defaults
  12. Save index.htm As index.asp
  13. Open global.asa
  14. Replace all instances of "global.asa" in the text with "global.asp"
  15. Save as global.asp
  16. Run Dynamic-CD-Wizard
  17. Make the source directory the directory of your FrontPage website
  18. Choose index.asp as the Startup file
  19. Create a clean image directory for Dynamic-CD-Wizard to write to
  20. Accept all Dynamic-CD-Wizard defaults and make the image
  21. Press Test on hard disk - and check that you see the database records
  22. Burn the contents of the image directory to CD and test

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