This page shows FindinSite-CD running in the left pane of a frameset. All results are displayed in this pane, with words highlighted if you are using Microsoft Internet Explorer 4+ for Windows and some other browsers.

Main search page, with links to other examples

Frameset arrangement
(highlighted results)

FindinSite-CD Word Highlighting in a vertical navigation frameset

In this configuration, FindinSite-CD is in a narrow vertical navigation pane, and it displays result pages in the main window. Although FindinSite-CD can be set up for this situation, the help and results displays can look cramped.

Make a frameset with a narrow vertical navigation pane called "Contents" and a main information display pane called "Main", as shown on the right. (The contents pane need not show the FindinSite-CD search page initially.)

Here is a minimal web page that sets up a suitable simpler frameset:

   <FRAME SRC=search.htm NAME="Contents">
   <FRAME SRC=info.htm NAME="Main">
You need to alter the standard FindinSite-CD search page for this new layout. The following basic FindinSite-CD page shows the changes highlighted in bold orange.
   <META HTTP-EQUIV="Content-Type" CONTENT="text/html; charset=ISO-8859-1">
   <APPLET CODE=fisCD WIDTH='100%' HEIGHT='400px' NAME=fisCD ARCHIVE="fiscd.jar" MAYSCRIPT>
      <PARAM NAME=index1 VALUE="MySite.his">
      <PARAM NAME=rules VALUE="rulesen.txt">

      <PARAM NAME=target VALUE="Main">
      <PARAM NAME=layout VALUE="vertical">
      <PARAM NAME=ResultsLines VALUE="2,0">

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