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findinsite-cd meta-data field search example


Information about a file is called meta-data, eg the title, description, keywords, author or language of a web page.

All available meta-data information is stored in the search database for use in ordinary searches (except meta-data specified in RDF files). However FindinSite-CD can also do field searches where you search specific field(s), eg just search for a specific "author".

The field search documentation details how fields are indexed and how to build search page.

  • Field searches are only possible if you build the search database using the Findex tool; they are NOT available using FindinSite-CD-Wizard.
  • Field searches do not work in all browsers - check compatibility here.

Example field search

Field searches use a standard HTML form for the field information, together with the FindinSite-CD Java applet running in its own window as usual. The following example uses text and list-box form elements; however other options such as check boxes can be used.

This example searches a site with two web pages (and one RDF file specifying more meta-data): § fldcrocs.htm § fldallig.htm § fields.rdf.

Sorry, your browser is not set up to run Java applets.
How to get a Java VM.

If using Internet Explorer, you may need to allow blocked active content using the Information Bar - see here.
Or better still... go to Tools+Internet Options+Advanced tab then tick "Allow active content from CDs" and/or "Allow active content to run in files".

Page fldcrocs.htm defines fields as follows:
  • DC:Creator=Chris Cross
  • lang=en
  • DC:Subject=crocodiles

Page fldallig.htm defines fields as follows:

  • DC:Creator=Chris Cant
  • lang=de
  • DC:Subject=alligator research

File fields.rdf defines fields for fldcrocs.htm:

  • DC:Creator=Chris Cross
  • DC:Subject=Crocodiles
  • DC:Subject=carnivore habits
  • DC:Subject=Research summary


  • A "DC:Creator" field search for "chris" will find both files.
  • A "DC:Creator" field search for "chris cross" will only find the first page.
  • "language" field searches for one or both of English or German will find the expected results.
  • A "DC:Subject" field search for "research" will find both files
  • Field and normal search text can be combined
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