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findinsite-cd-wizard search page template


FindinSite-CD-Wizard can generate a FindinSite-CD search page for a search database. It builds each new search page based on instructions in a template file. This page has instructions on how to alter this template.

The template file is called searchen.htt. If you opted for the default installation location, the full path for this file is C:\Program Files\PHD\fisCD\searchen.htt. You can edit this file in a plain text editor such as Windows Notepad. It may be possible to edit this file successfully in web page editors.

The template file is mainly a standard HTML web page. However in addition it may also contain %DESCRIPTION% and %DBNAME%. Each instance of %DESCRIPTION% is replaced with the FindinSite-CD search database description in the generated search page. Similarly, each instance of %DBNAME% is replaced with the search database filename.

You can include any HTML in the search page template. However, be careful if you are altering the FindinSite-CD APPLET or its parameters.

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