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findinsite-cd ZDNet Downloads 5-star review

ZDNet Downloads gave FindinSite-CD a 5-star review In October 2000, ZDNet Downloads gave FindinSite-CD a 5-star review. This review did appear online, but ZDNet decided not to show their reviews online in Summer 2001, instead asking for user reviews. Please feel free to add your own review to the current FindinSite-CD ZDNet Downloads listing.

Here is the review that appeared online at ZDNet Downloads:

Reply-To: <>
From: "ZDNet Software Library" <>
To: <>
Subject: Review Summary for FindinSite-CD v.3.08
Date: Wed, 25 Oct 2000 07:07:52 -0400
X-MSMail-Priority: Normal
Importance: Normal


ZNet Downloads
Review Summary Report

Title Information
   Title : FindinSite-CD
   Version : 3.08

File Information
   File ID : 172487
   Original File Name :
   Host FileName : phdhispy

Registration Information
   Registration Type : Shareware
   Fee : $150

Review Information
   Rating : *****

Review Text :
   FindinSite-CD (formerly Spy-CD and Hi Spy) is a top-notch way to add excellent search
capabilities to your Website or CD. It just doesn't get any easier to add a
full-featured search engine to your site. Using a Java applet and a
pre-built database, FindinSite-CD quickly returns information on a search. It does
standard searches, wildcards, adjacent words, logical (AND OR NOT),
synonyms, and word stemming. It's very easy to set up -- just point it to
the directory containing your HTML, PDF, or text files, answer a few
questions, and the database is created and the appropriate files moved to
the directory. Users will appreciate how easy the search applet is to work
with. Matches are displayed with clickable links, and found words are
highlighted in a separate browser window. Additionally, FindinSite-CD supports
English and nine other major languages.

Reviewer Comments to Author :

Program Pros
   * Easy to use
   * Excellent interface for both Webmaster and user
   * Stores words in a database so searches are quick
   * Highlighted matched words

Program Cons
   * None

Author Contact Information
PHD Computer Consultants Ltd

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Internet E-Mail :
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