Build New Web Page: Advanced Index Parameter

This dialog lets you edit an index/language set parameter.

Note that you can click Browse to use a standard file selection dialog to pick the name of the index or language file.

* You can also set the Character Encoding for the index and language files. The most common encodings are available in the combo box, but any of the supported encoding names may be used. Leaving the encoding blank is equivalent to "8859_1", ie the ISO8859-1 character set. Hi Lab currently only ever writes index and language files in this character encoding.

Index file Enter the filename of the index file.
Language file Enter the filename of the language file (for English leave blank).
* Language code Select one of the listed common language codes or type in one of the two letter lower case language codes listed in ISO 639.
* Country code Select one of the listed common country codes or type in one of the two letter upper case country codes listed in ISO 3166.
Options Select one or more of the following options:
No Contents Do not display the Contents tab
Sort Sort the Contents tab alphabetically
Index Display the Index tab initially (rather than Contents)
Expanded Expand all the folders in the Contents initially
Select URL Type in the URL to be selected in the Contents initially.
Initial Query Type in the query to be displayed in the Index initially.
* The Character Encoding and Language/Country Codes will only be used by browsers which run JDK 1.1 Java.
Note carefully that this page creation wizard insists that the web page and any index files or language files are in the same directory. This is to make sure that the Java classes can find these files.

See also: Building a new web page,
Index and Language Parameters