Build New Web Page: Index and Language Files

You must now specify at least one index file for Hi HelpIndex to use.
If you want, go on to specify more index file/language file sets and other options.

Note carefully that this page creation wizard insists that the web page and any index files or language files are in the same directory. This is to make sure that the Java classes can find these files.

The full index/language set parameters are shown in the list box. Make sure that you select the desired parameter before editing.

Index file Enter the filename of the index file for the highlighted parameter.
Browse Click this button to use a standard file selection dialog to pick the name of the index file.
Language Select one of the supplied pre-defined language files: English, French or German.
Add Add a new index/language set to the list of parameters.
Edit Edit the highlighted index/language set in the advanced index parameter dialog.
Delete Delete the highlighted index/language set.
Up/Down Arrows Click on these buttons to move the highlighted parameter up and down the index list.
Do this so that the most appropriate index/parameter set is chosen initially for a user's locale (ie language and country).

If desired, select a target frame for your web page.
Target frame Enter the default Target frame.

See also: Building a new web page,
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Edit index parameter dialog