Build new web page: Test Options

Decide on your browser support, whether you want to view your web page now, and copy the necessary Hi HelpIndex files there.

Browser Support People who look at your Hi HelpIndex search page will have different browsers. These browsers will have different capabilities.
  • Hi HelpIndex version 2.1 will run in all browsers
  • Hi HelpIndex version 2.3 will run in Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.
    Netscape Navigator 4.04 will not run this version unless SmartUpdate has been run to get full JDK 1.1 support.
  • Use JavaScript to select the best version to run, ie it runs version 2.3 if Explorer 4 is the browser.
We recommend that you use Hi HelpIndex version 2.1 to be on the safe side.
Test now Uncheck this box if you do not want to view your new web page now in the Test web page.
Copy Java files Keep this box checked if you want all the Hi HelpIndex Java redistributable files copied to the same directory as your new page. This will ensure that your page will run.

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