Finding Text

Use this box to find text in your index file.

Enter the text to find and select one or more of the following options:

Find What Type in the word or characters that you want to find.
Match Whole Word Only Finds only whole words instead of searching for your text inside longer words.
Match Case Finds only text that has the same pattern of upper and lower case as the text that you specified in the Find What box.
In URLs Finds the text in the URLs.
In Index Keywords Finds the text in the Index keywords attached to URLs.
Note that one of In URLs or In Index Keywords must be selected.

After this search, select File+Find Next or press key F3 to find the next matching occurance of your text.

Hi Lab starts at the current selected item.

If at the Index File Description, then it checks the description first. Then it checks the Base URLs and their target frames.

Next, Hi Lab searches through each successive URL.
If In URLs is selected, then the URL title, filename, target frame and icon url are checked.
If In Index Keywords is selected, then each associated Index Keyword is checked, ie its keyword, anchor, extra title and target frame.

Finally, Hi Lab checks the Other Index Keywords.

See also: Visual editing