Index File: Base URLs Property Page

This page shows the Base URLs associated with the index file.
First select a Base URL to edit or delete. Or Add a new Base URL.

Note that there is often just a single blank Base URL.

Delete Delete the highlighted Base URL.
Note that you can only delete a Base URL if no URLs are using it. Try exitting Hi Lab and re-entering to re-check whether a Base URL is used.
Add Add a new blank Base URL.

Now edit the selected Base URL.

Base URL Specify the Base URL.
Note that this is often just blank. This makes the index relative to wherever it is sited.
Or enter a full URL, eg
Target frame If needed, give the default Target frame for all pages that use this Base URL.
Press Set all URLs to this Base URL to make all the URLs have this Base URL as their Base URL. Do this if you really want to change the base site of the pages that are displayed.

See also: Visual editing,
General Property Page