Index File: General Property Page

This page shows the general properties of your index file.

Edit the description or tip text if desired.

Description The description of the index file. This is displayed by Hi HelpIndex.
The Description cannot be blank
Tip text If needed, give a page tip for the index file. This is displayed in a pop-up box when the user's mouse hovers over the Description top entry in the Contents.
Put in the two characters "\n" to force a line break in the tip. A single backslash character must be made into two, ie "\\". A semi-colon must be made into the three characters "\59".
Filename The full filename where the index is stored.
Last created The date the index file was created.
Format The format code.
Status This lists the number of URLs and Index Keywords.
A warning is given if you need the full version of Hi HelpIndex to view this index.

See also: Visual editing,
Base URLs Property Page