Index Keywords Property Page

This page shows the Index Keyword phrases associated with a web page. If editing Other Index Keywords then you have to enter a URL and page title.
First select a keyword phrase to edit or delete. Or Add a new keyword.
Delete Delete the highlighted keyword.
Add Add a new blank keyword.

Now edit the selected keyword phrase.
Keyword phrase Type in the keyword phrase, as you want it to appear in the Index.
The Keyword phrase cannot be blank
Anchor Select from one of the anchors in the pull-down combo box.
Or type in a new anchor; this will usually start with #, eg #top.
URL This is the URL that the index keyword will take the user to, ie it is the URL's file name, followed by the Anchor.
Extra title If needed, type in any extra characters that you want added to the URL's title.
Full title This is the full title shown in Index tab Pages box, ie the URL's title followed by any extra title you have given.
Target frame If needed, give the Target frame for this page.

See also: Visual editing,
Editing URL General Properties