Visual Editing

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Screen shot of Office CD-ROM in Hi Lab This main screen is where you do most of your visual editing.

You are editing a Hi HelpIndex index file. An index file is the data file which Hi HelpIndex uses to display the Contents and let users search the Index.

This main screen display reflects what the user will see in the Hi HelpIndex Contents. The Index keywords are stored as properties of each entry in the Contents.

Once you have built your index file, you will need to make a web page to call Hi HelpIndex and then test it. See the Getting started guide for more details.

The Contents Display

The Contents display looks like Windows Explorer, which you use to view your disk files. Most if the items correspond to web pages, ie URLs.

Sometimes, the Contents is called "tree", as there is a "root" at the top with one or more branches spreading out. Another metaphor is that some items can be viewed as "folders" which contain other items. These "folder" items are sometimes called "parents" which contain "child" items.

Use the mouse to click on the + and - boxes to expand and collapse the Contents entries. Alternatively use the arrow keys to move around the display.

The top entry in the Contents is the description given to the index file.

Most of the other entries represent URLs or folders within the Contents tree. Entries with this icon will appear in the Hi HelpIndex Contents. The entry's URL appears in the status bar.

URL entries with this icon will not appear in the Hi HelpIndex Contents. Instead they will usually have Index keywords which refer to this page.

At the bottom of the Contents, an entry Other Index keywords always appears. This entry stores any Index keywords that are not directly associated with URLs.

Basic Editing

You can edit the Contents in several ways.

Context Menu

Right-clicking on any item in Contents will bring up the Context menu.

One or more of the following commands will be available:

Properties... View and Edit the properties of the selected item.
Index keywords... View and Edit the Index keywords of the selected URL.
Insert URL... Insert a new URL after this one.
Flatten Collapse this entry, so that its children all appear below the entry, ie flatten the tree.

These commands are also available from the View and Edit main menus.


From the context menu or main menu, you can ask to see the properties of any item in the Contents.

The properties are standard tabbed pages of information about the selected item.

If the topmost Contents entry is selected then you will see the properties of Index file as a whole, ie its General Properties and the Base URLs.

All other URL items in the Contents have two property pages, General Properties and Index Keywords.

Note that the Other Index Keywords just have an Index Keywords property page.

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