Icon URLs

When Hi HelpIndex displays its Contents, it automatically gives each entry a little icon.

By default, these little icons come from one image (hiicons.gif, hiicons.gif) which has four icons in it. These icons represent a closed folder, an open folder, a relative URL and finally an absolute URL.
You can provide your own alternative to these icons by specifying a ContentsIcons parameter, eg when specifying Images when building a new web search page.

You can override these automatic icons for an individual Contents entry by providing your own Icon URL. This should be the name of a GIF file in the same directory. Note that these images should be pretty small, ie to match the size of your selected font. The Contents display will resize itself so that the spacing between lines is big enough to show the largest Icon URL image.

You specify an Icon URL in the URL's General Property Page.

See also: Editing URL General Properties