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Hi HelpIndex can be set up to use different language prompts.


For example, in French, the "Display Page" button would become "Exposez la Page", the "Contents" tab would become "Matières", etc.

The use of a different language does not change the language of your web pages, naturellement. However, if your pages are all in German, then it makes sense for you to use German language prompts.
Alternatively, match your English pages with your English index and language files, and match your Greek pages with their index and language files. A user would use the Select tab to switch between page sets.

Editing in Hi Lab

You can set up and edit language prompt files in Hi Lab. Select the File+New Language file menu option to build a new language (based on English). Or select File+Open Language file to open an existing language file.

Edit the language definition property sheet. You can change the language name in the General Properties and edit the language strings themselves in the Edit Properties page.

Setting up Hi HelpIndex

You have to tell Hi HelpIndex that you want your language file used.

The simplest way to do this is to select Test+New Web Page to build a new web page to call Hi HelpIndex. On the Index and Language Files wizard page, specify your new language file in one of the appropriate boxes.

Note that language files should normally be in the same directory as your Java classes, index files, etc.

Advanced users may edit or alter their Hi HelpIndex page language set up. See the index parameter specification.

Predefined Language Files

The English language prompts are built into Hi HelpIndex.

You may use the following other language files:

Special Uses

A language file may be used when Hi HelpIndex is set up as a small database. See the database example for further details.

Advanced users may wish to consult the Language file format specification.

See also: General Properties, Edit Properties,
New web page: Index and Language Files, Language file format specification