Building a Web Page to call Hi HelpIndex

Hi Lab makes it easy to build a web page which will call Hi HelpIndex.

Wait until you have made a start on your index file, eg after you have scanned your existing pages.

Now select Test+New web page. A wizard takes you through the necessary steps to build the new web page. Finally, you can test the new page straight away in Hi Lab. Note that you should also check that the page runs in ordinary browsers.

NB: In this current version of Hi Lab, you cannot use the wizard to alter a page that calls Hi HelpIndex. Instead, either edit it by hand in a text editor, or rebuild the page from scratch.

Running the new page wizard

Having selected Test+New web page, follow these steps to build the new web page.

  1. Select a location for the new page.
  2. Select which Index and Language Files you want Hi HelpIndex to use.
  3. Set the various display modes.
  4. Choose the colours and Font.
  5. Specify your alternative images.
  6. Select your test options.

  7. Hi Lab now builds your web page for you.
  8. Hi Lab copies the necessary Hi HelpIndex Java files to the same directory as your new web page. This is usually necessary to make Hi HelpIndex work.
Note carefully that Hi Lab checks that the new web page, the index and language files are in the same directory. This is usually necessary for Hi HelpIndex to run. Advanced users can use the APPLET CODEBASE parameter to change where files should be put.
See also: Page Location, Index and Language File Selection, Display mode, Colours and Font, Images, Test options