You can print out your work, and preview the print on screen. You can also print out help topics.

Note that you cannot print the Language file. If you Right-click in the Test web page or Help text topic window and select View Source, then you can edit and print out these pages.

File+Print... Print out the current index file
File+Print Preview Preview the print on screen. Print Preview mode
File+Setup... Choose the printer, paper size etc.
View+Options... Set the print font, and select options.

Print Layout

The print starts with information about the index file, ie its description and filename, together with a count of the number of URLs and Index keywords.

Any Base URLs for the index are listed next, with their target frame. Note that usually there is just one blank Base URL.

The remainder of the print depends on whether you have opted to have only a summary print.
All prints have an appropriate header and footer on each page.

Summary Print
In a summary print, each URL is listed on one line, possibly followed by a list of Index keywords. The URLs are indented inwards to match the layout of the Contents.

Only the URL title is displayed. Any Index keywords (that are not the same as the URL title) are listed afterwards in brackets.

Any Other Index Keywords are listed at the end.

Full Print
In a full print, each URL and its associated Index keywords are printed out in detail.

First, the full "path" of the URL is shown, ie its route through the Contents. For example if URL "Books" is in the "Products" folder, then "/Products/Books" is printed.

Next, the title is printed. If present, the full URL, target frame, Icon URL and any Index keywords are listed.
The Index keywords are listed one per line, with up to four comma separated fields. After the Index keyword itself comes the URL anchor, the extra page title and the target frame.

Any Other Index Keywords are listed at the end.

See also: Setting Print Options, Print Preview mode