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Last modified: 13 August 2013.

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Version history

See the version history of Hi Jump, Hi Brow, Hi Lab, MakeHelpIndex and the Help Index File Format.

Hi HelpIndex Java Applet

Hi Jump

1.0.1 20 March 1998 Fixed problem in IE4: Could not display pages on network drives not mapped as a drive letter.
1.0 3 February 1998 Initial release

Hi Brow

1.0.2 12 March 1998 goto no anchor takes you to top of page
1.0.1 26 February 1998 Events not declared in BeanInfo so JBuilder designer does not die
1.0 16 February 1998 Preview release
Does not serialize properly.

Hi Lab 13 January 2003 "Use title as keyword phrase" option added 1 October 2002 New anchor name KEYWORDS option added
Include and Exclude file-specs added
Do not use short-cuts option added
URL normalisation sorted wrt BaseURL
Save report as button added
1.1.20 26 September 2000 Help text pops up correctly in W2000
1.1.19 8 November 1999 Licence ids stored properly in Windows 2000
1.1.18 11 September 1998 First licence id generates welcome msg
Help page and popup appears correctly in W98 and NT5
1.1.17 1 September 1998 Revised help has index option
1.1.16 21 August 1998 Relinked statically. No user differences.
1.1.15 20 July 1998 File+New scan source: cursor jumping back to start sorted for W95.
META NAME matches any case
1.1.14 23 May 1998 If parsing all, scan back a directory now works
root link / works ok
Detects URL open error when status!=200
Copes with / when URL BaseURL has sub-dir
Doesn't insert spaces in URL page scans
1.1.13 6 May 1998 Net errors while scanning a URL caught properly
Ensure scan URL host name has "/" at end
Scan to root (eg "/anypage.htm") handled properly.
1.1.12 27 April 1998 Temporary licences supported
1.1.11 23 March 1998 New web page Advanced page has "noindex" option
1.1.10 12 March 1998 URL properties allow Base URL <None> to be selected
1.1.9 23 February 1998 Shorter list of copied Java files
1.1.8 16 February 1998 For Other Index Keywords, URL does not have to be specified.
Browse button in URL Properties works better with Base URL.
Scan option not to make anchors into keywords
Index file size warning after scanning if file largish
1.1.7 6 October 1997 Contents Page Tips supported.
Bug fixed: Double click of URL causes "box display after property edit".
1.1.6 22 September 1997 Bug fixed: Test menu now saves index file if you ask it to be saved.
Scan displays "dots" progress indicator.
Cancel cancels scan quicker.
User abort does not fail scan.
1.1.5 19 September 1997 Enhanced Test+New Web Page functionality:
  • Full index/language file parameter settings
  • Select colour, icon mode popup and min window size supported
  • Image wizard page added
  • High and wide buttons selected properly initially.
Bug fixed: Scan into HREF links with "/./" and initial "./" OK now.
Bug fixed: Multiple white spaces now ignored in HTML.
Most Recently Used index files minor bug fixed. MRU size increased to 8.
1.1.4 3 September 1997 Licence Id shown and can be entered
1.1.3 14 August 1997 Set all base urls count corrected
1.1.2 4 August 1997 Better help popup positioning
1.1.1 21 July 1997 Completed help support
Contents updated after URL title changed
1.1.0 13 July 1997 Better help support
Scan correctly copes with links which begin with ../../
Return key and double-click of Other Keyword Indices works
1.0.7 6 June 1997 Initial release

Hi Help

1.3.0 25 September 2000 Added French escape characters
Character format applied to correct range of chars
1.2.2 23 September 1997 Further W98/NT5 fix to keep dlg display for our "popup:" URLs
1.2.1 11 September 1997 Closes main window if popup tip shown. To cope with W98/NT5 fix.
1.2.0 31 August 1997 Index button added
Does not beep on key press inside applet.
1.1.2 4 August 1997 Contents button works again
1.1.1 21 July 1997 Improved help tip box shadow for Windows 95
Dies if calling app dies
1.1.0 11 July 1997 Supports help tip boxes
1.0.0 6 June 1997 Initial release

Other Information

Java Console

If the mode parameter has incorrect entries or an index<N> parameter has incorrect options then an error message is written to the Java Console (Navigator) or the Java log file (Internet Explorer). Internet Explorer 4.01 now has a Java Console as well, which displays the Java log file and allows commands to be entered.

Similarly, any invalid lines in the index file result in a warning message being written to the Java Console/log file.

In Windows Netscape Navigator, you should select Communicator+Show Java Console to see these messages.
For Windows Internet Explorer, in View+Options+Advanced tab, "Java logging enabled" must be turned on to store these messages. These messages appear in the Java sub-directory of your Windows directory, eg C:\WINDOWS\Java\JavaLog.txt or C:\WINNT\Java\JavaLog.txt.

Bug List

See Hi Lab bugs


Not major: Major, but unfixable:

Hi Lab Bug List

Hi Help Bug List

New features

Much faster

Version 2.1.11+ reads index files much quicker than before.

Hi Jump

Hi Jump provides extra site navigation help for your users. It is a standard Java applet to put on all your web pages. Try Hi Jump at the top of this page.

Hi Jump provides navigation link arrows (home, up, previous and next, etc) with the information coming from a HelpIndex index file.

The title of the web page is shown in a pop up tip when the user's mouse hovers overs the link arrowss.

Bean version and Hi Brow

Hi HelpIndex version 2.3+ is a browser bean applet. It runs on web pages in browsers that fully support JDK 1.1, eg Internet Explorer 4. Netscape Navigator 4.04 does not run JDK 1.1 unless you have run SmartUpdate to get the JDK 1.1 patch.

However the bean version will be of most use to Java programmers with a Hi HelpIndex Developer licence. (A Java bean is a component that can be slotted easily into a Java application.)

We envisage the bean being used as a part of a program's help system. Hi HelpIndex would provide the Contents and Index, while a browser bean such as Hi Brow (or Sun's Hot Java bean) will display the HTML-based help text.

Hi Brow is supplied as a part of the Hi HelpIndex suite. It is a standard web browser that supports a basic but useful set of HTML tags.

Hi Demo is an example Java program which uses Hi HelpIndex and Hi Brow to provide a help system. Copy the source code!

Unzipper not needed

An unzip program is no longer needed for the Windows version as the installation file is provided as an EXE file.

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