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Last modified: 13 March 1998.

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The Hi HelpIndex bean applet is a Java component for developers who wish to have a site map for their web site or help system for their Java application. In an application, a browser bean, such as Hi Brow or the Sun Hot Java bean, is usually used to display HTML pages.
For full details, please read the Hi HelpIndex Bean Documentation.

Try Hi HelpIndex out in the Bean Development Kit (BDK) Beanbox.
Try Hi HelpIndex and Brow in our HiDemo application.

The developer must set up index and language files for their site map. Currently this is usually done in the Hi Lab Windows tool. A rudimentary Java application MakeHelpIndex is also available.
In future, we hope to provide a full bean Customiser to match the Hi Lab functionality.

Typically there will be three types of user.

In these development tools, the developer can set the properties for Hi HelpIndex at design time. Events can be set up visually to link Hi HelpIndex to or from other beans. JavaScript and Java program code also be used to control the operation of Hi HelpIndex at run time.
The Hi HelpIndex properties may be saved in a .ser "pickle file".

A useless bean customisater is provided; we will make this better!

Bean Files

The Hi HelpIndex bean file is called hi230d.jar which includes files that are only needed at design time.

Development tools usually repackage the files that are needed for an application into a new .jar file containing all the necessary bean files as well as the application code.
However the supplied file hi230.jar contains all the run time Hi HelpIndex files.

You may not redistribute the Hi HelpIndex design-time file hi230d.jar with your application. However the run time only file described above may be redistributed as a part of your application (provided you have the appropriate licence).

The design-time bean file has basic help provided in English in COM/phdcc/hi/HelpIndex.html.

Design-time bean file contents:

Note that when run as an applet in Navigator 4, Navigator will not find the default gif files in hi230.jar. So you will have to put these files in the same directory as hi230.jar: hi.gif, hiicons.gif, hitabs.gif (unless you provide alternates via parameters).


If the Hi HelpIndex bean is just used on a single web site then a standard Hi HelpIndex licence is sufficient. However, if it is distributed elsewehere, eg as a part of some software or information, then you will need to purchase a Developer licence. With a Developer Licence, you can distribute the Hi HelpIndex bean royalty free in any number of programs.
Note that you can only develop sites or programs using the bean on a single development computer.
Full Licence and Purchasing Information.

Possible Development Tools

The following development tools should be suitable for the Hi HelpIndex bean, amongst others. See the detailed notes below.

Netscape Visual JavaScript problems
Version 1.0 does not find the HelpIndex property editors, so the index and ButtonShape cannot be set.
It does run the Customizer properly though.
It gets the list of bean properties and assumes that the applet can be run with these property names as parameter names, which is incorrect.

Borland JBuilder problems

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