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Last modified: 23 March 1999.

Hi HelpIndex is a Contents site map and Index of keywords for web sites and HTML CD-ROMs. It is written by PHD Computer Consultants Ltd

This page presents two real life case studies, showing how Hi HelpIndex has been used in two different companies.


Case Study 1  

Bell Labs - Lucent Technologies, USA

Lucent Technologies was formed as a result of AT&T splitting up, taking over the business of the renowned Bell Labs. Their motto is: Bell Labs Innovations - We make the things that make communications work.

Doug Keiles, their Strategic Planning Manager, first started looking at Hi HelpIndex in the summer of 1998. He had downloaded the evaluation development kit from our web site.

Lucentís product web pages are on a server that was available in their offices across the USA. Doug Keiles was looking for a tool to make it easier to navigate their Intranet. He also wanted help maintaining the site.

PHD first heard from Doug on 28 August 1998: "My name is Doug and I work for Lucent Technologies. I have been using your cool tool for my site for 2 months and I love it, however I am having a problem with...". PHD sorted out this problem and others he came across in the coming month. Lucent were editing the HelpIndex data files by hand, and needed help to get the data format correct.

2 October 1998: "Thanks for your help!", Doug.

A couple of months later PHD heard from Doug again on 14 December 1998: "People in my group at work like your menu program so much that we would like to use it for all (about 10 or so) of our web sites linked to our main page. Right now I use it for just one of our pages, but our new BIG BOSS wants us to use it for all of the sites for a common look and feel."

PHD arranged a special licence to cover this requirement.

In February 1999, Lucent needed more help setting up their frames so that Hi HelpIndex displayed the page in the right frame window.

Finally, at the end of February 1999, Doug and his team of helpers were preparing for a big demonstration of their site, with Hi HelpIndex providing the crucial navigation tool. They ran across a final problem setting up their site so that it did not contain unnecessary multiple copies of Hi HelpIndex. A PHD engineer was available immediately to provide the necessary telephone support.

The demonstration was successful, as the following email shows.

Date: 22 February 1999

'Everything is great. I am leaving this position for a promotion to another part of Lucent. Much higher profile Web work.

Your program helped me get noticed. You can use the following quote in any way you please. I would gladly talk to any user or potential users for you, anytime.

"Hi HelpIndex and Hi Lab are 2 ingenious products that help take the labor intensive task of web publishing and web-site maintenance and make it easy. The built-in index makes document finding easy for the end-user, too. It helps our Program communicate."'

Doug Keiles, Strategic Planning Manager, Lucent Technologies, USA (


Case Study 2  

Software AG, Germany

Software AG produce application engineering, data management and middleware software tools for enterprises.

In 1997 Software AG decided to provide some of their documentation in HTML. A web server provides a search facility for their new on-line documentation web site. However, when issued on CD-ROM, a server is not available, and so they needed a CD-based navigation and search tool for their documentation.

They needed a tool that would work on all platforms and all browsers. Initially they considered developing a Java-based tool themselves. One of their documentation specialists, Chris Hearn, did some research and evaluated several Java-based tools such as Hi HelpIndex. They decided to use Hi HelpIndex as it was the most stable product.

Software AG subsequently asked if PHD could enhance Hi HelpIndex to fit their specific requirements. One of their suggestions was 'page tips' that appear when the mouse is hovering over an entry in the contents. With Software AG contributing towards the development costs, PHD produced a new version of Hi HelpIndex that met their specification.

PHD soon became a trusted partner to the Software AG documentation team. If any queries arose, PHD responded quickly. On 14 May 1998, Chris commented in an email: "As always you are very prompt - it is a joy working with a company that actually reacts."

As new browsers were released, PHD tested Hi HelpIndex in each new environment. Software AG helped by testing Hi HelpIndex on different Unix computers.

Later in 1998, Software AG proposed some more enhancements. This included writing a whole new tool, called Hi Jump, that is now part of the Hi HelpIndex software. PHD was happy to have a new feature defined by one of its customers. Software AG obtained the software it needed without having to employ expensive engineers to develop the product from scratch.

Late in 1998, Software AG were pleased when PHD released its FindinSite-CD product, a full text search tool for HTML CD-ROMs. They bought an initial licence for 250 CDs. In February 1999 they launched the latest version of their product...

Date: 11 February 1998

"We are very pleased with the software - not just for its function but also for its modularity and ease of adaptation to our particular needs."

Chris Hearn, Software AG, Germany

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