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Last modified: 27 May 1998.

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A Developer licence primarily gives you extra rights to use Hi HelpIndex.
PHD will also make a special effort to ensure that your queries are answered.

In addition to the Standard licence rights, you may put Hi HelpIndex and the HelpIndex bean on any number of your CD-ROMs and include it as a part of your products.
Note that you can still only use Hi Lab and develop using the HelpIndex bean on one development workstation.

Your Developer licence does not allow you to sell a product which is similar to Hi HelpIndex. Please contact us if you have any doubts about a particular product.


Using Hi HelpIndex on your CD-ROM

The Developer Licence permits you to put Hi HelpIndex on your CD-ROMs. Hi HelpIndex can either be installed onto a user's hard disks, or run directly from the CD-ROM.

If installing to disk, then make sure that the full filenames are preserved when the files arrive on the user's disk. All recent PC installation programs will work correctly. Unix users might wish to look at the Young Minds software which does the correct filename translation.

If you want to run Hi HelpIndex directly from the CD-ROM then please read these notes carefully.

Standard CD-ROMs are in ISO 9660 format which only allows for "8.3" filenames, ie in capital letters with a maximum of 8 characters, a period, then a maximum of 3 characters. Alternative formats (eg Rockridge) allow full filenames; check that your users can read these CD-ROM formats.

For most PC browser users, the crucial Hi HelpIndex files are in 8.3 format, ie hi210.jar, hi230.jar, hitabs.gif, hiicons.gif, hi.gif and hi.hik.

However, other browsers, eg in Unix computers, will need to access all the "class" files, eg "HelpIndex.class". These filenames cannot be stored on ISO 9660 format CD-ROMs. So, Hi HelpIndex cannot be run directly from IS0 9660 CD-ROMs, ie you must provide an installation program.

Note that new Unix browsers, ie those which support JDK 1.1, can run Hi HelpIndex directly as they only reference hi230.jar. Note that you may need to use capital letters, ie rename hi230.jar to HI230.JAR, and amend the web page to read <APPLET CODE=... ARCHIVE="HI230.JAR">.

Make sure that your index and language files have "8.3" format filenames as well.

HelpIndex Bean

Using the Hi HelpIndex bean

Please read the HelpIndex bean description or see the HelpIndex bean common usage notes. Or try the Hi Demo GUI application to see the Hi HelpIndex and Hi Brow beans running together to provide HTML help.

Hi Brow Bean

Hi Brow is a simple browser bean for displaying HTML pages.

Please read the Hi Brow bean description. Or try the Hi Demo GUI application to see the Hi HelpIndex and Hi Brow beans running together to provide HTML help.

HTML Help for Windows VC++

Using Hi HelpIndex and Hi Help in your product

The Hi HelpIndex Developer licence includes the necessary software to enable you to set up HTML-based help for your Windows Visual C++ MFC programs. This includes showing "What's This" style help in pop-up boxes. And the pop-up boxes can be shown from your help pages as well (as long as they are being viewed by Hi Help).

For an example of this, simply try Hi Lab. Make sure that you have Internet Explorer loaded.

Please read the HTML Help for Windows VC++ page for full details.

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