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Last modified: 10 October 2003.

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Copyright and Licence

Hi HelpIndex, Hi Lab, Hi Jump, Hi Brow and MakeHelpIndex are Copyright © 1996-2003 PHD Computer Consultants Ltd. Your use of this software is governed by our licence agreement.

By downloading the evaluation software, you are accepting a licence to evaluate Hi HelpIndex for 30 days. Paying for the full software gives a further licence to use unlimited Hi HelpIndex, with free updates for 12 months.

Note that the evaluation Hi HelpIndex, is deliberately limited to displaying a maximum of 500 keywords and a maximum of 100 URLs. This will in fact be big enough for a lot of sites. The full version has no limits.

Downloading and Installation

For an alternative description of this process, read the getting started guide.

If you have any difficulties obtaining these files then please email Chris Cant and he will reply with a copy of the development kit.

Windows users

You will need approximately 3MB of disk space for the full development kit.

Go to the evaluation download page and download and run hi230win.exe.

You will have a new program folder created, usually called "Hi HelpIndex".

The easiest way to get going is to selected the Hi Lab icon (by double-clicking it) and follow its instructions. Hi Lab lets you scan existing web pages to build an initial index file, lets you edit the index file, make a web page to call Hi HelpIndex and finally lets you test it out.

Otherwise, click Hi HelpIndex is view the main documentation.

Other users

You will need approximately 900kB of disk space for the full development kit.

Most people will want the full evaluation development kit hi230bas.zip (approx 700kB) which has all the class files and this documentation.

Otherwise just download the class evaluation development kit HelpIndex.zip and expand to get the classes, or retrieve all the class and gif files individually from http://www.phdcc.com/download/helpindex/.
You will also want the Hi HelpIndex archive files hi210.jar and hi230.jar. Do not expand these, but put on your web site with the Hi HelpIndex classes.

Usually you will put these files in the same directory as your index web page on your server. Remember to preserve the letter case exactly.

You must create your Help Index File and install it on your server. PHD's MakeHelpIndex program can make an index file automatically. You may wish to alter your HTML or add page or anchor keywords, so that the right keywords are generated.

Make a web page which runs Hi HelpIndex, see applet usage.

Copy the help index file, eg called siteindex.hi, to your server. If the .hi extension causes problems with your server, then rename the file to something acceptable, eg .txt.

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