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Last modified: 6 February 1998.

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These are the features that a Graphical User Interface (GUI) help system may have. Hopefully this might help clarify which aspects of a help system you require.

The Hi HelpIndex and Hi Brow beans should be able to take part in most of these options, especially where it is marked as *  below.
The HiDemo Java application example shows how you could provide some of the other facilities, ie where they marked as #  below.
Note: Hi HelpIndex does not provide all these facilities.

Help Requests

Requesting help within a GUI (IDE) can take these forms:

Help Facilities

Help search results

Help display

The eventual help can be displayed in one of these three forms:

Display options

In the help display, the following options may be provided:

Help books

*  Help may be provided on more than one topic, ie different "books" can be prepared. Not all users will have all books.

The books may either be selected one at a time, or their contents/index be merged.

Provide programmer/user options to add/remove books.

Programmer Interface

An easy interface should be provided for programmers, ie to provide a link between dialogs/controls and the corresponding help text.

For WinHelp and C/C++ programs, the C++ identifiers are used to relate dialogs/controls to help pages, eg dialog IDD_COLOURS is used to display the help page with topic id of HIDD_COLOURS.

Hi HelpIndex and VC++ programs have a similar link, eg dialog IDD_COLOURS has a help page called IDD_COLOURS.htm.
There is also a link provided for pop-up help, eg button IDC_PRESS_ME has its pop up help defined at anchor IDC_PRESS_ME within web page Popups.htm (or whatever).

Web aware

*  The help pages or system should be written so that it can be made available on the public internet in a useable way.

For use on the web, Hi HelpIndex as an applet would be used to provide the Contents/Index.

On the web, Back/Forward buttons must be provided using a Java applet such as Hi Jump on each web page. In a GUI system, Back/Forward may be better provided as a part of a separate bean (with Prev/Next etc).

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