Getting started with Hi HelpIndex

Last modified: 5 August 2002.

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See also Hi Lab guide  Getting Started using MakeHelpIndex 

This page gives instructions on how to start using PHD's Hi HelpIndex applet. Please consult the main documentation for full instructions.

These instructions are solely PC users using Hi Lab. If you have not got the Windows version of Hi HelpIndex (ie including Hi Lab) then consult the getting started using MakeHelpIndex instructions.

Hi Lab works best if you have Internet Explorer installed and more than 16MB of RAM.

Copyright and Licence

Hi HelpIndex, Hi Lab, Hi Jump, Hi Brow and MakeHelpIndex are Copyright © 1996-2003 PHD Computer Consultants Ltd. Your use of this software is governed by the licence agreement.

By downloading the software, you are accepting a licence to evaluate Hi HelpIndex for 30 days. Paying for the full software gives a further licence to use unlimited Hi HelpIndex.

Note that the evaluation Hi HelpIndex is deliberately limited to displaying a maximum of 500 keywords and a maximum of 100 URLs. This will in fact be big enough for a lot of sites. The full version has no limits.

Download the Hi HelpIndex Evaluation Development kit

You should now have a desktop folder called "Hi HelpIndex" with three entries. Select "Hi Lab" to run Hi Lab, or "Hi HelpIndex" to view the main documentation. "Hi Lab Help" has the web pages that make up the Hi Lab context sensitive help.

Run Hi Lab

Hi Lab has full instructions available in its Getting started guide.

You work in Hi Lab to develop your help index file.

Upload to your server

Simply upload all your web directory to your server (especially hi230.jar, hi210.jar, *.class *.gif, your index file and the web page that calls Hi HelpIndex).

Check it works.

Call a friend and ask them to check it out on-line too.

Pay for a full licence after 30 days

If you are still using Hi HelpIndex after 30 days, please purchase a full licence.

Further options

See the main documentation for further applet parameters, eg how to use Hi HelpIndex in frames.

Remember to keep your help index file up to date with your pages, and upload the new site.hi to your server.

Keep checking these pages for any Hi HelpIndex updates.

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