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Last modified: 10 February 1997.

Our principle resource is our people. Check out our directors' CVs (résumés). Our programmers have a good university background, but more importantly they are experienced computer professionals.
The computer industry changes very rapidly; we keep up to date with the latest developments through a process of continuous hands-on learning - we do not learn second-hand through courses.

We maintain a suitable portfolio of computer hardware and software. On the software front, we have most of the major PC development langages, together with a useful armoury of supporting libraries, etc. We try to reuse our own library code where possible.

In practice, most day to day programming problems are solved with the use of on-line help files, for example on the Win32 API or MFC, or using local web lookup of Java API functions.
We have a library of computer books, and subscribe to many computer journals.

As a final resource, we use the Internet to search for information, or post queries to newsgroups. Occasionally we post replies to newsgroups.

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