Testing the Application Object
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Number of Application variables = 14

All Application variables
List of 14 items in Application contents collection:
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  • All Application variables by index
    List of 14 items in Application contents collection (by index):
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  • Non-existant variable
    (This generates no errors)
    Application( fred) =

    Non-existant index
    (This generates no errors)
    Application( 437) =

    Try to set a NULL Application variable name
    Application( NULL) = "null variable"
    ERROR : Type mismatch (Microsoft VBScript runtime error)

    Try to set an Built-In Object
    Set Application( "intrinsicVar") = Response
    ERROR : 006~ASP 0180~Disallowed object use~An intrinsic object cannot be stored within the Application object. (Application object)

    Try to get an Built-In Object's default property
    Application( "intrinsicVar") = Response
    ERROR : 006~ASP 0185~Missing Default Property~A default property was not found for the object. (Application object)

    Application.Lock does nothing

    Test passing these Application variables to another ASP page
    (and test removing elements)