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Timed Password Example

This is example shows how control access to a CD within a range of dates.

Before a start date, access is prohibited. In the first time period after the start date, access is controlled by a initial password. The initial password expires at the end of the first period and the user is instructed to ask for an extension password from their supplier. At the end of the second period, all access is prohibited.

The possibility of the user cheating by modifying the dates on their computer is also caught.

The page "secured.htm" is password protected. To view this page, you need an appropriate password. If you view the page without the password, it is unintelligible - to prove the point, try viewing it here : secured.htm

Enter your password :


The first period password is first
The second period password is second

The time now is 10:15:14 AM on Saturday, September 21, 2019
The start time is 10:15:14 AM on Saturday, September 21, 2019
The initial period ends at 10:17:14 AM on Saturday, September 21, 2019
The second period ends at 10:19:14 AM on Saturday, September 21, 2019

(Press your Refresh button to update the times).

You have 120 seconds before the first period of use expires

Cookie values :

  1. timePwd(secondDateOut) ~ 9/21/2019 10:19:14 AM
  2. timePwd(firstDateOut) ~ 9/21/2019 10:17:14 AM
  3. timePwd(systemStartDate) ~ 9/21/2019 10:15:14 AM

View the implementation code

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