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findinsite-cd Version details

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Known problems/bugs
Possible improvements

FindinSite-CD Java applet


May 20, 2014

Issue with updated certificate


February 25, 2014

Issue with updated certificate


September 16, 2013

Cope with problem with Java 1.7.0_40 - getDocumentBase() return null if running locally


August 12, 2013

Add "Permissions" and "Codebase" to signing manifest


August 8, 2013

Manifest has "Trusted-Library: true" to enable "no applet window" mode again


June 26, 2013

Cope with problem with Java 1.7.0_25 - getCodeBase() return null if running locally
Manifest has "Trusted-Only: true" to avoid mixed code warning


June 10, 2013

Signed version for latest Java


March 25, 2011

Indexes: ignore blank lines in subset definition text files


March 14, 2011

Licensing: bug fixed


March 9, 2011

ProSub params: fixed bug loading custom help text
ProSub params: custom help text can use tokens


August 12, 2010

Highlighting: IEhiliteLoadMethod parameter added: method called after highlighting in IE


March 22, 2010

Startup: Large "PLEASE WAIT..." (L_LOADING) displayed and search box disabled until search databases loaded
Startup: LoadingFont and LoadingColor parameters added to set font and colour of L_LOADING
General: IndexDbBase parameter added to allow use within HtmlExecutable


February 5, 2010

Redistributables: cab files removed from distribution as no longer needed


November 24 2009

Highlighting: Turned off for Firefox as doesn't work well on CD/locally due to pop-up blocker.
JavaScript: SearchAndGetResults2 amended


July 16 2009

Help: Search database creation date in ISO 8601 simple format
Languages: 13 more European languages supported in user interface
Languages: Enhancements to traditional chinese translation
Languages: Change to let new languages display spaces correctly
JavaScript: New function available SearchAndGetResults2
Highlighting: works for Greek and Bulgarian text


February 23 2009

General: SystemFilesOffset parameter supported for Java 1.6.0_11
Help: Java version listed at bottom
Subsets: Select All and Select None options added
Language: fixed bug: all strings read from language file


April 16 2008

Highlight: ignores text within DIV class=nospytext, and double-quotes permitted


December 30 2007

Highlight: enabled for same window in Firefox
Highlight: disabled for Apple Mac


May 3 2007

Highlight: Works better in Firefox


September 25 2006

Language: Thai language supported
Highlight: Fix bug if search word found in header


February 8 2006

Language: Norwegian language file added, thanks to Anderson
Bug fix: Make case-sensitive searches in single-quotes work again
Output: Don't move long word onto next line if already at line start


August 9 2005

General: Renamed from Spy-CD to FindinSite-CD
General: Mac fixes
General: HTML Results: workaround for duplicate page being shown (Sun bug 6294090)
Language: Slovenian language file added, thanks to Luka Malenšek
Language: Arabic language file added, thanks to Lubna Sorour
Language: Arabic words now delimited by spaces etc
Language: Arabic 'the' at start of word handled correctly
Language: Arabic character versions handled better
Language: Language files may now be in UTF-8 format
Language: Right-to-Left (RTL) language words (such as Arabic) displayed correctly

Old version information removed


August 17 1998



May 20, 2014

Looks in first 2048 bytes of file for UTF-8 meta charset

September 16, 2013

Update standard search page to generate DocumentBase in JavaScript

June 10, 2013

Update standard search page
Better opening of Word doc without asking for password

February 5, 2010

Load last project at startup on by default

October 30, 2009

Office 2007 file extensions used by default
New project clears previous project options
Project description used as save filename

July 16, 2009

Mappings saved in search database so /rebuild works
Greek and Bulgarian characters form whole words

July 29, 2008

Generated search page is XHTML 1.0 Transitional

May 6, 2008

"PDF: Don't add extra spaces" option added

November 21, 2007

Updated PDF

January 26, 2006

Copyright year update


September 20, 2005

Indexing: rel="nofollow" supported in links
Indexing: File mapping option to show a different file type on search


August 8 2005

General: Renamed FindinSite-CD-Wizard from Spy-CD-Wizard
Language: Arabic words now delimited by spaces etc
Language: Arabic 'the' at start of word handled correctly
Language: Arabic character versions handled better
Indexing: various META charset settings not reported as errors

PDF Scanner


June 28 2016

PDF fix: process beginbfrange properly.


July 7 2015

Read xref table correctly.


November 25 2012

Read hexdecimal character correctly.


20 July 2011

Cope with unexpected name format


16 May 2011

Fix minor bug decoding hex strings


6 February 2010

Cope with PDF 1.5 cross-reference streams variant


6 November 2009

PDF 1.5 cross-reference streams supported


1 May 2008

Don't output extra spaces option supported
Find "endstream" better


21 November 2007

Cope with format variant


15 November 2006

Report "author" field.


9 February 2006

Fixes a bug not recognising endstream in certain PDFs.
Fix bug: look for correct alternative filter names.

Hi Help


25 September 2000

Added French escape characters
Character format applied to correct range of chars

fisLight word highlighting Java Applet


June 10, 2013

Signed version for latest Java


July 16, 2009

Highlighting: works for Greek and Bulgarian text


November 30, 2007

Highlight: enabled for same window in Firefox


July 29, 2005

Renamed fisLight from SpyLight
Arabic words now delimited by spaces etc
Language: Arabic 'the' at start of word handled correctly



20 October 2009

Indexing: Office 2007 formats supported: DOCX, XLSX, PPTX


16 July 2009

Greek and Bulgarian characters form whole words
Find "endstream" better


21 November 2007

Indexing: PDF: Cope with format variant


25 April 2007

Indexing: "StoreFields" option now supported


18 April 2007

Indexing: "StoreFilename" option now supported


14 November 2006

Indexing: PDF reports "author" field


3 April 2006

Indexing: Excel XLS supported


11 December 2005


23 September 2005

Indexing: URL redirects handled better


3 August 2005

General: Renamed from Spyndex to Findex.
Language: Arabic words now delimited by spaces etc.
Language: Arabic character versions handled better.
Language: Arabic 'the' at start of word handled correctly
Indexing: If Content-Type HTTP header specifies HTML charset, use this and ignore META charset.
Indexing: parser words processed


1.00 10 July 2003 Creation


3.30 29 November 2000 All Windows programs, DLLs, runtimes and the development kit are signed

Known problems you may come across

Microsoft Windows and Internet Explorer issues

Please read the page on Windows XP SP2+, Internet Explorer 7 and Windows Vista compatibility.

Word highlighting problems

  • If word highlighting does not work or the page images disappear, it might be because you are using pages that have been saved by Internet Explorer (IE) or Microsoft Word or similar. Click here for instructions on how to solve these problems.

  • Another possible problem occurs if you have JavaScript code that runs when the onLoad() event is fired. FindinSite-CD does highlighting by rewriting the entire page HTML; this may confuse the page JavaScript or the FindinSite-CD word highlighting. In this case, the only realistic option is to turn off word highlighting.

Opera Windows browser problems

  • In Windows, versions earlier than Opera 7 do not run FindinSite-CD. FindinSite-CD version 5 works around a word highlighting problem using popup problem shown by Windows Opera version 7.11. Two bug reports to Opera have been submitted on this issue. However Opera 7.20 has a new bug that stops word highlighting from working.

Known bugs

Microsoft Internet Explorer (IE) browser

  • Java Virtual Machine problems
    If running FindinSite-CD in IE reports one of these errors:
    • "xxxxx: could not read System file"
    • "Lookup error"
    then your IE Java Virtual Machine (VM) needs updating from Windows Update.

    If the latest VM does not fix the problem then please contact PHD support so that we can test it and - if necessary - report the problem to Microsoft.

    The problems are caused by Microsoft - honest. They seem to keep forgetting about Java applets such as FindinSite-CD. There is no work around that we can implement. See the FAQ for more details.

    From version 3.07 onwards, if one of your customers sees one of the above messages, they are given instructions on how to update their VM.

  • 5 November 2001: Suppose you run FindinSite-CD, do a search and view a page. If you then press the browser Back button, then FindinSite-CD reloads. It should display the previous search text and go to the last scroll position. Sometimes IE does not do this. It seems to depend on how the browser is started, as to whether it works or not.

    This issue is probably not under the control of FindinSite-CD; it depends on how the IE JVM runs in slightly different circumstances. Technical explanation: if the same class instance of FindinSite-CD is run, then it will remember the last search; if a different class instance is generated by the IE JVM then FindinSite-CD will not remember the last search.

  • 17 September 2001: Bug in IE JVM 3802: display scrolling goes wrong if not all applet visible. Set the FullScroll parameter to yes if this problem affects your use of FindinSite-CD.

  • On the same spec PC, Windows 2000 seems to run slower than Windows 98, W98SE or WMe. CD drive speed does not seem too important. However a faster processor and hard disk will speed up searches.

Netscape browsers

  • Netscape Communicator 4.x sometimes gives a "Lookup error" when accessing FindinSite-CD from a web site. This problem usually only occurs when you access FindinSite-CD on the net or an Intranet; use on a CD seems fine.

    This problem should not be seen in FindinSite-CD v4 because all the database files are loaded at startup if accessed online.
    ( We think that this is a bug in the way Netscape caches files. Setting the Disk Cache to zero usually sorts the problem. Select menu Edit+Preferences then Advanced+Cache and set the Disk Cache to 0. Alternatively, try upgrading to Netscape 6 which seems to be OK. )

    Or try our web site search tool, FindinSite-JS.


  • 18 October 99: The FindinSite-CD-Wizard scanner does not open files which have a # character in the page name.


  • If you run FindinSite-CD under Dynamic-CD then you may see an error when reading huge search database files. This appears to be a problem in Dynamic-CD which we are trying to resolve.
    See the instructions for Using FindinSite-CD and Dynamic-CD together.
Key: W98 means Windows 98, W2000 means Windows 2000, IE3 means Internet Explorer version 3, N3 means Netscape Navigator version 3, etc.

Possible improvements

  • Instead of abstract, show extract from page containing the search words.
  • Use a graphic for < and > word highlighting links
  • Recognise common bad encoding: "text/html"
  • Include abstract in word list

  • Remove identical hits that from different subsets
  • Provide "word stemming off" option
  • Right-click on hit gives open options
  • Disable buttons while loading search databases

  • NEAR searches

  • PDF: report more fields and report page no for errors

  • Undo/redo in FindinSite-CD-Wizard.
  • Coping with updates
  • Editing of FindinSite-CD language files

  • Search by date
  • Store abbreviations such as "I.B.M" as "IBM" as well.
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