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findinsite-js download - Java servlet web application

findinsite-js is a search engine for a web site, searching HTML, PDF, DOC, DOCX, XLS, XLSX, PPT, PPTX, TXT and JPEG files.
  • The findinsite-js Web Application archive (WAR) file makes installation of the findinsite-js Java Servlet easy on most Java servlet engines.  The Web Application contains the full documentation. The full documentation is also available online at

NOTE: You need a Java servlet engine or application server to run findinsite-js.

By downloading the Web Application, you are agreeing to the license.

The Free license lets you use the and run findinsite-js Web Application on one web site.  findinsite-js will only display the links to hits in the first 60 files of the search database.  A Free license message is inserted into the results.

The license also permits use on one test server for testing purposes only.

Get the latest findinsite-js web application now.

I agree to the terms of the Free license.
Servlet Web Application findinsitejs.war 1.4 MB Includes findinsite-js documentation

The phdcc web site lists the latest version of findinsite-js.

Web Application Installation instructions

  1. Please see the Installation Guide for instructions on installing the findinsite-js Web Application findinsitejs.war.

  2. Once installed, follow the Getting Started Guide.

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