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findinsite-js feature list

  • findinsite-js is a search engine for a web site or Intranet using a Java-servlet server
  • findinsite-js integrates fully with your site
  • findinsite-js doesn't show ads from your competitors
  • findinsite-js highlights words in web pages
Search engine:   A full-text search engine for your site:
• Enter text into a search form
findinsite-js displays a results list
• Click to show a result, with word highlighting in web pages

File types:   HTML web pages, and dynamic PHP etc
• Adobe PDF
• Word DOC and DOCX documents
• Excel XLS and XLSX spreadsheets
• PowerPoint PPT/PPS and PPTX presentations
TXT plain text
JPEG image meta-data

Servers:   findinsite-js is a Java Servlet that will run on most servers.
• Some servers will need to be equipped with a Servlet engine add on.
• Tested on many Java servlet engines and application servers:   • Apache JServ
• Apache Tomcat
• BEA WebLogic Server
• Borland Enterprise Server
• IBM WebSphere
• Macromedia JRun
• Sun Java System Web Server
• Sun Java System Application Server

Highlighting:   Highlights found search words in displayed web pages
• Jumps straight to first occurrence on web page

Indexing:   Indexing of HTML, PDF, DOC, DOCX, XLS, XLSX, PPT, PPTX, TXT and JPEG files
• Schedule regular indexing runs
• Email of indexing results
• Supports 32 web page character sets, including multi-byte non-Western charsets.

Languages:   findinsite-js detects the user's preferred language and presents results using that language.
• Currently, 29 Western and Asian languages are supported
• More languages can be supported

Search features:   • Logical searches AND OR NOT ( )
• Full wild card support
• Word stemming and synonyms
• Searches multiple web sites - choose which to search
• Meta-data field searches

Deployment:   findinsite-js is a Web Application WAR file for easy deployment on your server.
• All findinsite-js data files are in a FindData directory.

Easily configured:   • Configuration screen to set up findinsite-js
• Including full control of Indexing features, with
General, Searching, Look and Feel, Indexing and About sections.

Output format:   • HTML template files for the results page elements: headings, each line and footers
        Templates can include static or dynamic pages
        JSP included files can refer to findinsite-js results in Session
• Adjustable number of hits per results page

Speed:   • Search database held in memory
• Thread safe searches


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Small print

findinsite-js is a Java servlet suitable for use on most servers. To run servlets you need either (a) a Java servlet-enabled server or (b) a Java servlet add-on engine for your server. Here's JavaSoft's current list of these products, and here's our list.

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