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findinsite-js getting started instructions

findinsite-js is a search engine for web sites.

To install or use findinsite-js you may need to ask your web-master or ISP to:

  • install and configure a Java servlet engine for your server.
  • install findinsite-js on your server.

  1. Try findinsite-js online
  2. Get findinsite-js
    • To test findinsite-js running on your server, download the findinsite-js Web Application from the development kit page.

  3. Set up your server and install findinsite-js
    1. Use your personal computer server if you do not want to disturb your main server yet.
    2. Use the Servers page to see if your server can already run Java Servlets.  If not, choose a Servlet Engine for your server and install it.
    3. Install and start findinsite-js. See the deployment instructions for these servlet engines:

    4. Check that the findinsite-js work directory is in a suitable location. If not, you need to make a new directory and set the findinsite-js work init parameter to this new value - you will usually need to restart findinsite-js.

    5. You should now see findinsite-js running, searching its own documentation. The URL used to access findinsite-js will depend on your server, servlet engine and deployment options - see the examples given on the findinsite-js Installation Guide.

      Check that the list of hits is displayed correctly, and that the findinsite-js documentation page is shown when you click on a link in the results sheet. You can alter the hits-list presentation by changing template files as described in the Look and feel page.

  4. Search your web site

    To search your own site you need to:

    1. Index your site to build a search database
    2. Tell findinsite-js to use your search database

    Use the indexing features of findinsite-js to index HTML, PDF, DOC, DOCX, XLS, XLSX, PPT/PPS, PPTX, TXT and JPEG files. The indexing instructions tell you how to use the online configuration screen to:

    • Create a regular indexing run to index your site to build a search database.
    • Tell findinsite-js to use this search database.

    Then try out searching your web site using findinsite-js. Add links from your web site to call findinsite-js.

    Email sales/support to ask for a Temporary Licence to release all Free licence limitations.

  5. Advanced configuration options
    • Changing the initialisation parameters for findinsite-js.
    • Altering the hits-list results presentation using template files.
    • Customise word highlighting in web pages
    • Adding more languages to the findinsite-js user interface.  Please let us have a copy of any new language files.
    • If you get "Out of memory" errors, increase the Java memory allocation pool or increase the amount of RAM memory on your server.
    • You can search more than one search database - add to the list in the online configuration screen Searching section.  If you want, you can set up search forms that let the user choose which search database subsets to use.
    • Use a meta-data fields search.

  6. Go live on your main web server
    • Buy a findinsite-js license.
    • Follow the above instructions again to set up your main server with a servlet engine, install and configure findinsite-js.
    • Test findinsite-js on your web site.
    • Add links from your web site to call findinsite-js.

  7. Search database updates

    Assuming that your site is being updated often, you need to ensure that the findinsite-js search database is updated regularly.

    With findinsite-js, it is easy to schedule a regular indexing run. You can opt to receive an email when each run completes; check each of these for any problems.

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