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findinsite-js version details

findinsite-js Java Servlet

6.06 May 18, 2011 Indexing: Fix minor bug indexing PDFs
6.05 October 23, 2009 Indexing: Office 2007 formats supported: DOCX, XLSX, PPTX
Languages: 13 more European languages supported in user interface
Templates: %SEARCHTEXT% renamed to %SEARCH_TEXT%
Output: More cross-site scripting attacks detected
6.04 November 22, 2007 Indexing: Cope with format variant
Indexing: PDF reports "author" field
6.03 September 25, 2006 Search: Fix bug if space searched for
Language: Thai language supported
Highlight: Fix bug if search word found in header
6.02 April 12, 2006 Indexing: Excel XLS file indexing and searching supported
Indexing: Credentials advanced parameter support for username/password authentication
General: keep=alive parameter supported
General: Bug fix: Disregard include in template variable substitutions
6.01 September 27, 2005 General: Renamed from Spy-Server, and un-bundled from Spy-CD
Highlighting: New highlighting method used (no need for Java applet)
Configuration: Licence id shown as **** in config screen
Indexing: URL redirects handled better
Language: Arabic, Norwegian and Slovenian languages now supported
General: log file Serialization error avoided for StoredResult

Old version information removed

Known problems

  • If you run more than one instance of findinsite-js on the same server, then its results caching for each user may well get confused because the session variables are shared.

    Solve this by turning off results caching by disabling CacheResults in the online configuration screen or as an init parameter.

Possible improvements

  • Language: Implement RTL right-to-left directives in templates for Arabic
  • Highlighting: pass "authorization" header when requesting page if on same host
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