Test Web Page

This page shows your work using Internet Explorer.

While pages should appear as in a normal browser, please test your pages in full browsers on several platforms.
Internet Explorer 3.0 does not run Java quite as well as Netscape Navigator 3.0. And it has other limitations, for example a link to a page anchor, eg test.htm#anchor, will not run if working on disk files, but will if at a web site.

Normally this page appears with the right test page displayed. However you can select a new page to display if need be.

Show Page Show the page that you have just typed in.
Page Either type in the file (or web page URL) that you want to display, or select from one of the other recent pages you have visited from the drop-down list.
Browse Click this button to use a standard file selection dialog to pick the page that you want to view.
Close Exit the test page.

You may resize this page if need be.

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