Scanning existing web pages

Use Hi Lab's scan wizard to build an index file automatically from your existing web pages.

  1. Select File+New to get the New index page. Enter a name for your site and select Scan from web pages.
  2. Select the "home page" file name or URL, in the scan source page.
  3. Set any further scan options.
  4. Watch the scan and view the scan report
  5. Edit your index file as normal.
If you are scanning a CD-ROM, then Hi Lab will initially suggest saving the index file on the CD-ROM. As it is not possible to write to (most) CD-ROMs, you should save the index file to your local disk. To make the index access the CD-ROM, you should alter the first Base URL so it points to your CD-ROM drive, eg in Windows if your CD-ROM is drive D:, then set the Base URL to file:///D|/ (note the correct use of forward slash and bar characters).
See also: New index, Selecting a scan source, Setting scan options, Scan report