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Last modified: 13 March 2000.
example screen shot showing Contents tab
Complex Web site or CD-ROM?

Hi HelpIndex lets your site be read like a book!

A complex Web Site can seem like a maze.

Hi HelpIndex adds a Contents and an Index, and
... presto!... your Site can be read like a book.

example screen shot showing Index tab Hi HelpIndex is a Java applet/bean that downloads with your pages giving a Contents site map, as in the above screen shot. Your visitor can jump straight to the page of interest.

Hi HelpIndex is server, platform and browser independent.

The example on the left shows the Hi HelpIndex Index of keywords. Hi HelpIndex has adjusted its size to a narrower format. Entering search text finds matching keywords and the corresponding pages that mention these keywords.

Hi HelpIndex  Java applet 2.1 for JDK 1.0+
Hi HelpIndex  Java bean applet 2.3 for JDK 1.1+
Hi Jump  Java applet 1.0 for JDK 1.0+
Hi Lab  1.1 for Windows.
Hi Brow  Java bean 1.0 for JDK 1.1+

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Why use Hi HelpIndex?

You've created your Web Site and users can browse their way around the links. But how will they find out whether you have the information they're really looking for?

Following links into a complex Web Site can often be like getting lost in a maze - you can't see the wood for the trees.

Hi HelpIndex uses the metaphor of a book, adding a Site Contents and a Site Keyword Index. The Contents takes users directly to a section of interest. The Index allows users to search for keywords and then jump deep into your site directly to where the keyword is mentioned. The searches are NOT general searches undertaken on the server - they are speedy local searches into a carefully tailored Index.

Getting to useful information on the Net can be incredibly slow. With Hi HelpIndex users can browse your whole Site in seconds and quickly get to the page they really want to see. A study by Ahlberg in 1992 showed that when users received dynamic feedback as they were constructing a query, they found what they were looking for in less than half the time.

How to use Hi HelpIndex

As a Web Designer, you would run the design tool Hi Lab to set up Hi HelpIndex for your site. The Hi Lab wizard automatically traverses a Web Site, either locally or on-line, to produce a HelpIndex data file. Hi Lab then allows you to edit and modify the Contents and Index data using its highly flexible visual editor, shown in the example on the right.

Once the Contents and Index are defined, you add the Hi HelpIndex applet and the data file to your Site's pages, ready to fire up automatically when someone visits you.

  • All text can be modified to suit any language
  • All features such as colour and size are fully configurable
  • Hi HelpIndex can run either embedded in a page, or as a separate floating window
  • Works in frame sets
Hi Lab screen shot

Using on a CD-ROM

Hi HelpIndex Developer version is particularly useful for CD-ROMs as it allows the contents to be shown and keyword searches carried out where there is no server.

You build the help index file beforehand and put it on the CD-ROM. Hi HelpIndex and the index file will load quickly as they are available immediately on the CD-ROM.

If your CD-ROM has thousands of pages then the help index file might be very big making it take a while to load. One solution is to split the pages into several areas and let the user select the appropriate one in Hi HelpIndex's Select tab card.

From: Doug Keiles, Strategic Planning Manager, Lucent Technologies, USA
Date: Mon, 22 Feb 1999
"Hi HelpIndex and Hi Lab are 2 ingenious products that help take the labor intesive task of web publishing and website maintainence and make it easy. The built-in index makes document finding easy for the end-user, too. It helps our Program communicate."

Hi HelpIndex Licence Recommended Pricing

Contact our sales outlets for actual prices and what sales taxes apply.
Per site 50 inc UK VAT US $75
Developer 500 inc UK VAT US $750 (To include on a CD-ROM or to distribute with a product)
Source code escrow US $1500 per year Available from ComponentSource

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