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Last updated: CC 13/1/09


These are the available Administration options:

All these options are available to DNN users who have Edit permission, ie usually site Administrators and Host super-users.
Those options marked (*) are also available to users who are members of the "phdcc.Data Admin" role.
Those marked (**) are also available to users who are members of the "phdcc.Data Recordset" role.

Accessing admin options

The Edit Form, Import and Export functions are available on the module container action menu.

For your convenience, an Administration options red box is provided near the top of the module if any Admin options are available to you. The "Set up" row has buttons that provide easy access to the Edit Form, Import and Export functions. The "Results" row has a buttons to start the Moderate and other functions.

Amend and Delete results - Recordset forms

To edit or delete the results entered in recordset forms you must find the ResultSetId of the results you want to edit, eg using phdcc.Data.List and phdcc.Data.View. Add ?ResultSetId=nnn to the page URL. The form is pre-filled with the results from the specified ResultSet. If you Submit the form, a new set of results is created. Alternatively press Delete to mark the set as deleted.

Edit Form function

See the Form Editor page for details of how to use the form editor to set up or change a form.

Import/Export functions

These options let you save and load a form's definition into an XML-format file, either to make a backup of a form definition, or to transfer a form between sites. Note that form results are NOT stored in this file.

These options usually save or load a file from the portal root. Note that files in this location can be accessed directly from a browser if the correct filename is guessed. When you Export, the suggested filename is taken from the module title, so a form with module title "Simple Survey" might be saved as content.phdccDataForm.SimpleSurvey.xml

Be careful if you use the same form definition in two modules on the same site because results are keyed on the FormIdName, ie if two forms have the same FormIdName then each instance will see all results generated by both forms. So you would not normally have more than one form with the same FormIdName.

If you move a form definition from one site to another, please check the 'Email To' and 'Thank You URL' form parameters as they may need changing on the new site.

Moderate, Amend and Add Blank results function - Profile forms

The Moderate, Amend and Add Blank functions let you check, change or add results for the current form for each user. The form must be set up as a Profile form with the "Results must be authorised" box checked.

Moderate: phdcc.Data.Form looks for the last results for each user that have been not been authorised, starting with the most recent results. The Moderate function is only available if a form requires authorisation.

Amend: phdcc.Data.Form looks for results that have been authorised, starting with the most recent results for each user. If the results need authorisation then they are not listed - use Moderate instead.

Add blank: phdcc.Data.Form looks for users that have not filled in the form.

phdcc.Data.Form then displays a dropdownlist list of users. Select a user then press the "Go" button.

The form is then displayed showing the user's entered data, surrounded by a thick red dashed line to remind you that you are checking results. At the top of the form, this message appears "Please check, update and authorise the form submitted by (Display Name)". If this is the first valid result for a user then "This is a new record." is appended.

The submit button at the bottom of the form becomes "Update and Authorise". Make any changes to the user's values that you deem necessary, then press this button. A new ResultSet is added with the Authorise value set to true. For Moderate and Amend, a Delete button is provided to delete the current set of results.

Note that changes to DNN profile properties of a host/SuperUser are silently stopped. This stops an administrator changing crucial SuperUser properties.

"Register validate failures" function

If a Profile/Register form is submitted, but the form does not validate, then the results are stored with a UserId of -1. Click on the "Register validate failures" button to see a list of the unvalidated results. Copy these values from your browser if they are of any use. Click on "Delete all these unvalidated recordsets" to delete these results.


A new resultset is stored when a Profile form is moderated or amended by an administrator. The DateTime when the form was originally entered is stored in the "SubmitTime" answer, ie as the answer to a question with QuestionIdName "SubmitTime". In the View or List modules, you can access this value using Form("SubmitTime"). This DateTime is stored in RFC 1123 format, ie ddd, dd MMM yyyy HH':'mm':'ss 'GMT'.