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Last updated: CC 18/3/14


phdcc.Data is a set of DNN modules that aim to provide good programmable data handling for DotNetNuke-based systems, including these modules:

  • phdcc.Data.Form: Table and form generator; displays the customisable form to a user
  • phdcc.Data.View: Show a result from one or more forms - customisable in VB or C#
  • phdcc.Data.List: List of results, each item customisable in VB or C#
  • phdcc.Data.Search: Customisable search form

phdcc.Data provides a good starting point for a database application: a form can be designed online within DNN. As all scenarios are different, phdcc.Data provides programmer customisation and hooks to let you make your application work as you want.

Possible uses for phdcc.Data:

  • Provide forms for users to fill in, eg survey, questionnaire, profile or registration forms
  • You enter data which can then be searched and viewed by users

Please try out the phdcc.Data examples at our DNN site - full examples documentation.

Primary feature set:

  • Form: Design your own forms online, including multi-language localisation
  • Form: Detailed configuration using CSS and simple custom controls
  • Form: Profile, Recordset and email result options
  • Form: Can be used as a Registration form
  • Form: Full validation and dependency checking
  • Form: Moderate, Amend and Add profile form results
  • List: Show a list of results, using your item display code
  • List: Wizard generates an item template user control in VB or C#
  • View: Show an individual result, using your display code
  • View: Wizard generates a template user control in VB or C#
  • Search: Show a simple configurable search form
  • List, Search: Filter results according to user search crieria
  • Form: To do: clean up of interim results, old results, and unused forms

Good configurability

  • Form: form design user interface for administrators with basic layout options
  • Form: Configurable rendering controls for major changes
  • Form: Full CSS stylesheet control
  • Form: Multi-language support for users
  • Form: Full IPortable import/export of form definitions
  • Form: programmer hooks to let you act on certain form events
  • Form: programmable custom questions
  • Form: To do: import/export of form results
  • View, List: Output precisely as you want using VB or C# ASP.NET code
phdcc.Data.Form: v01.04.41, 2 Mar 2014.
phdcc.Data.View: v01.03.10, 19 Apr 2010.
phdcc.Data.List: v01.06.00, 8 Jun 2010.
phdcc.Data.Search: v01.00.05, 15 May 2009.
Free download: Contains DNN module private assembly (PA) zip files with partial C# source included.
Your database must be SQL Server 2005 or later.
DNN 4.8.0 or later required.
Please give us feedback on how it works and what you want.
Hosts: it is recommended that you only install these modules on systems which you trust the site administrators completely. More info...
Pricing: The phdcc.Data modules are free to download. The free download may be used for evaluation and testing purposes. If you decide to make commercial use of the module, you must purchase a commercial license - available for US$39 at Commercial licenses may also be purchased directly from PHDCC if payment is made via PayPal - contact us for more details.
The free download includes a portion of the C# source. Feel free to examine the source; if you find any bugs let us know; and tell us what improvements you require. The full source is available separately for US$99. You may change the source for your own use, but may not re-sell these modules without our written permission.
Buy a license at Snowcovered Buy a US$39 license at Snowcovered.
License: Use for legitimate wholesome purposes. No warranty whatsoever. Support for one year if you pay.
Copyright: The software and this documentation is Copyright © 2007-2014 PHD Computer Consultants Ltd.
Design service: Commission us, the experts, to set up your site with phdcc.Data. Contact us for a quote.
Please leave the "Powered by phdcc.Data" message on free uses of these modules.
You will probably need the Professional Edition of Visual Studio 2005 or later to work with the C# source within a DNN Starter Kit VB project.

Module installation and upgrading

The phdcc.Data modules are distributed as in a single combined zip file with a dated name such as Unzip this file first into an empty directory to obtain a README.TXT file, the individual DNN Private Assembly (PA) module zip files, and a copy of the current documentation. Each module filename includes the version, eg

Only use these modules if your database is SQL Server 2005 or later.

Install the modules in this order:

To install each phdcc.Data module, login as Host. In the DNN Control Panel, select "Install Additional Modules" then "Install New Module" at the bottom of the page. Click "Browse" and select the required phdcc.Data module PA zip file on your system. Finally click "Install New Module". Have a look through the all the gobble-de-gook output to check for errors - ie anything in red. After you click on "Return", DNN may take some time to return as the whole system is recompiled; if necessary click on another link to wake up the system.

The phdcc.Data modules usually use the DNN conventions for upgrading safely. Follow the same procedure described above to upgrade an existing installation. All existing data will be preserved. If you have customised the layout, then save your changed files before upgrading - see the versions page for more details.
To upgrade from phdcc.Form to phdcc.Data.Form, see here

Real sites using phdcc.Data

Several other sites are also using phdcc.Data.

Possible new features




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