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Last updated: CC 28/11/07

phdcc.Data.Search Overview

phdcc.Data.Search is a DNN 4 module that displays a form to let users search for information entered using the phdcc.Data.Form module. phdcc.Data.Search typically displays one or more search boxes - it then redirects to the phdcc.Data.List module which shows the results of the search, ie a list of matching hits.

Currently phdcc.Data.Search is primarily aimed at searching information provided by DNN users, ie it works with 'Profile' data, not 'Recordset' results produced by anonymous users or multiple submissions by logged-in users.

Usage scenario

  1. Many users login and each fill in a form giving their details, using phdcc.Data.Form
  2. Others want to look through this information so they enter a search request, using phdcc.Data.Search
  3. Multiple hits are displayed to the user, using phdcc.Data.List
  4. Clicking on a single result shows full details, using phdcc.Data.View

So phdcc.Data.Search presents a simple form to let users enter a search request.

Using phdcc.Data.Search

Currently, phdcc.Data.Search only shows a simple search box, as per the screenshot below. If no search is entered, then an error message is shown. You can specify your own text for all the displayed values.
phdcc.Data.Search example

When set up correctly, pressing the Go button redirects the browser to a results page, usually provided by the phdcc.Data.List module, passing the user's search text in a QueryString URL parameter.

phdcc.Data.Search module settings

phdcc.Data.Search Settings

To use phdcc.Data.Search, in the DNN Control Panel, add a new instance of the phdcc.Data.Search module to a page, after entering your desired container name. Then click on the Settings button (or select Settings from the module menu).

In the module Settings, expand the phdcc.Data.Search section and enter these values:

Click on Update to save your changes.

Proposed future functionality

phdcc.Data.Search could be used in a simple guise on every page. Or in a more complicated guide in an Advanced search.

The search form will either redirect to a new page. Or it might show the results on the same page, eg below or replacing the Search module.

The results will always be worked out and shown by the phdcc.Data.List module.

I am thinking of starting by providing two simple sorts of search:

  1. Any question results contains SEARCH_WORD, ie I do a
    for all results
  2. The results for a particular question that contains SEARCH_WORD.
  3. In future, I would want to allow multiples of (B)
  4. In dim and distant, complicated searches:
    I would let the user write their own code to filter a basic result set.

To achieve (A) and (B), the Search page would redirect to the List page, passing the user's search request, eg: ?Search=haggis&idRI_ProjectDescription=burger

The List page would typically have a Search module at the top as well. If the user enters a Search there, then it would redirect to itself which would therefore update the List.

Anyway, initially the Search module could have two possible predefined guises: either (XX)
  Label: textBox [button]
or (YY)
  Label: textbox // for case (A)
  Label: dropdownlist-of-questions textbox // for case (B)
or (ZZ)
  a template created by YOU

My intention is also to add sort options to the List module. This could be simple question names. Or I could let the user write their own code to do their own sorting.