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Last updated: CC 18/3/14
Full releases

Module installation and upgrading

The phdcc.Data modules are distributed as in a single combined zip file with a dated name such as Unzip this file first into an empty directory to obtain a README.TXT file, the individual DNN Private Assembly (PA) module zip files, and a copy of the current documentation. Each module filename includes the version, eg

Only use these modules if your database is SQL Server 2005 or later.

Install the modules in this order:

  1. Install phdcc.Data.Form to define your tables and forms and get user input
  2. Install phdcc.Data.View to view individual results
  3. Install phdcc.Data.List to view a list of results
  4. Install phdcc.Data.Search to display a simple search form

To install each phdcc.Data module, login as Host. In the DNN Control Panel, select "Install Additional Modules" then "Install New Module" at the bottom of the page. Click "Browse" and select the required phdcc.Data module PA zip file on your system. Finally click "Install New Module". Have a look through the all the gobble-de-gook output to check for errors - ie anything in red. After you click on "Return", DNN may take some time to return as the whole system is recompiled; if necessary click on another link to wake up the system.

The phdcc.Data modules usually use the DNN conventions for upgrading safely. Follow the same procedure described above to upgrade an existing installation. All existing data will be preserved. If you have customised the layout, then save your changed files before upgrading - see below.

phdcc.Data full release version history

 +, 18 March 2014,,,

phdcc.Data.Form Version history

Upgrading? If you have customised any of the following files, then save them before upgrading. Then re-instate after checking for any differences.

 +  01.04.41, 2 March 2014
  • Database not changed
  • SQL made Azure compatible

phdcc.Data.View Version history

 +  01.03.10, 19 Apr 2010
  • Database not changed
  • Deleted users: Check for soft-deleted DNN5 users - also works in DNN4

phdcc.Data.List Version history

 +  01.06.00, 8 June 2010
  • Database unchanged
  • Paging support

phdcc.Data.Search Version history

 +  01.00.05, 15 May 2009
  • Admin: Hide admin info if "View" selected