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Last modified: 24 February 2004.

This page describes how PHD Computer Consultants Ltd (phdcc) uses cookies and customer information and complies with the Data Protection Act. It covers all the phdcc web sites, ie primarily and

This statement does not cover our resellers.


Definition: A "cookie" is a small piece of information that may be stored in a user's browser when they visit a web site. Cookies are not seen as a security threat, but can be used to store entered personal information and to track how a user uses a site.

Cookies are used in a few places on our web sites to demonstrate software functionality and save search results. No personal information is stored in the issued cookie(s).

If you do not want to receive cookies then you can usually block them in your browser. You can usually either block all cookies, or block cookies from an individual site (in Internet Explorer 6, use Tools+Internet Options ... Privacy ... Edit).

Customer information

Information from customers and potential customers is received in various ways: Records may be kept of all the above information. Records may be kept on computer.

Customer details are stored in a password-protected computer database; credit card details are not stored in this database. This database includes name, business, address, email, telephone, fax, as well as details of the purchase. On request, we will send you a print out of your database record(s) for free within 28 days. Let us know if your record needs updating.

Please do not send us credit card details by email or fax because these may be intercepted on the Internet before they reach us.

We do not receive credit card details given to resellers. Please see the reseller sites for details of how they provide secure transactions and maintain privacy.

Customer information may be handled by subcontractors who are covered by confidentiality and non-disclosure agreements. All customer information will remain private and will not be passed on to any other party, unless legally required.

As per our licence agreements and download request forms, we may contact you with product information. Let us know if you do not want to receive such information. Information in the customer database will not be removed.

Data Protection

When we last reviewed the UK Data Protection Act requirements in February 2003, we determined that we did not need to register our use of data because we are covered by an exemption. This exemption lets us do basic (a) Staff admin (b) Advertising, marketing and public relations and (c) Accounts and records.

We still have to comply with the eight Data Protection Principles: In summary they require that data shall be:


If you have any questions or requests, please contact us using our Feedback Form or any of our other usual contact methods.