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  • ShellRun shows a file when your CD, DVD or USB-memory-stick is inserted into a Windows computer.
    When your CD is inserted, the freeware version shows a popup window briefly (example top right) as it displays your chosen file.
    ShellRun can be used with any file type, eg HTML web page, PDF file, Word document or MP3 track - and works on USB drives as well as data CDs and DVDs. Works on USB-memory-sticks
    The retail version of ShellRun is highly configurable and has many options, including a menu of commands.
    Screenshot of the ShellRun popup window
(retail version)
    Retail version screenshot - all window is configurable or can be removed

    Screenshot of the ShellRun popup window with menu
(retail version)
    Retail version screenshot showing example menu

    Freeware download:
    phdcc: shrun110.exe
    Get it from CNET!
    Use the Direct Download Link

    Retail version:

    Get the latest freeware development kit now
    using the Free licence - licence details and text.
    Freewareversion 1.1
    Retailversion 3.8

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