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Last modified: 21 February 2002.

Errata 21 Feb 02
Revised source code 28 Oct 99
New Information Resources 7 Nov 00

Update to make DebugPrint install in W98

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DebugPrint device driver trace tool
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Click here to buy this book online now This page provides information about Chris Cant's book on "Writing Windows WDM Device Drivers; For W98, W2000 and NT" (ISBN 0-87930-565-7). A source code CD-ROM accompanies the book. The book is published by CMP Books, Developer Series.

The book is now available in most online book shops. The book can also be purchased direct from the publishers, CMP Books.

A source code disk is provided with the book with several full example device drivers. It includes the DebugPrint debugging tool which lets you insert trace printf statements in driver code that can be seen in the DebugPrint Monitor application on the same computer.
The book also includes the PHDIo generic device driver that can be used to access simple ISA I/O ports and perform interrupt- driven reads and writes.
Improved versions of both DebugPrint and PHDIo are for sale now.

If anyone spots any errors in my book, do please let me know so that I can add the information to the errata page.

Please check out some new information resources.


The Big Picture
Device Driver Design

WDM Driver Environment
Device interfaces
Testing and Debugging
Dispatch Routines
Plug and Play and Device Stacks
Plug and Play Implementation
Power Management
Windows Management Instrumentation
Event Reporting

WdmIo and PHDIo drivers
Hardware I/O IRP Queuing
	(StartIo, Queues, Cancel and Cleanup)
Interrupt driven I/O
	(Interrupts, DPCs, Timers, Custom timers)
NT Hardware

WDM system drivers

The Universal Serial Bus
USB Driver Interface
The Human Input Device Model
HID Clients

Appendix A  Information resources
Appendix B  PC 99
Appendix C  DMA


PS  The book does not cover DMA in detail.

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