URL General Property Page

This page shows details of an entry in your Contents. This is usually a URL, ie a page on your web site. However it can just be "folder name" which does not refer to an actual page.

Description The description that appears in the Contents. This is usually the page title.
The Description cannot be blank
In Contents If this check box is cleared then this URL will not appear in the Contents. You would only do this if you wanted this page's Index Keywords to still be available.
Base URL Select from one of the available Base URLs.
(Find out how to add a Base URL.)
URL Type in the page file name (relative to the Base URL).
Leave this blank if you are just creating a folder name.
Browse If the selected Base URL is relative, then you can use Browse to choose a web page.
Full URL This is the full URL of the page, ie the Base URL followed by the URL.
Target frame If needed, give the Target frame for this page.
Icon URL If needed, give the Icon URL for this page. This is the name of the GIF file (eg new.gif) to display to the left of the page title.
Page Tip If needed, give a page tip for this entry. This is displayed in a pop-up box when the user's mouse hovers over this entry.
Put in the two characters "\n" to force a line break in the tip. A single backslash character must be made into two, ie "\\". A semi-colon must be made into the three characters "\59".

See also: Visual editing
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