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Last modified: 12 March 1998.

Using the Hi HelpIndex bean

Hi HelpIndex may be used in its bean form in Java or JavaScript environments. The Hi HelpIndex bean is also an applet, so it can be used in Web HTML development as well.

Please consult the Bean Information and Bean class documentation for full details.

Common Usage

The Hi HelpIndex bean will typically be used to provide the basis of a help system for a Java application. Hi HelpIndex will therefore usually need to be accompanied by a browser bean (ie a bean which can display an HTML page in its window) such the supplied Hi Brow or Sun's Hot Java Bean.

In addition to the standard Hi HelpIndex functionality, bean developers will want to consider these topics. Click on Details for programmer details of how to perform each task.

Start up options

Details   If all these scenarios are used, then several copies of Hi HelpIndex may be running at the same time (eg once in your tab Contents, once in your tab Index and once in the Help Dialog).
??? Instantiate a single invisible copy of the HelpIndex bean at start up and let it load its index file(s). Clone any copies you need and make these visible when appropriate.
You may want to use this approach even if you use HelpIndex once, as it is good to get HelpIndex loading its index files straight away at startup.

??? How to cope with different locale selection.

Browser Beans

The HelpIndex bean usually needs to be accompanied by a browser bean, ie a bean which can display an HTML page in its window.

The Hi HelpIndex software comes with a basic but useful Hi Brow browser bean.

Here is a list of known browser beans.

Note that the existance of a browser bean does not mean that Hi HelpIndex will be able to communicate with it easily.
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